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I AM Self Employed, I AM SELF’E.

At SEplus we are always looking to the future at all the sorts of stuff like the rules and legislation that may not only effect your business but the way you run it and the many elements that in being Self Employed your accountable for.   Remember I AM Self Employed so I AM accountable.   This New Year, 2017, and there are rumbles in the jungle which may well effect all Self Employed in the coming months.   Starting with...

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Tips for managing your cash flow in 2017

Good cash flow keeps a business alive, poor cash flow can sink it. In fact, poor cash flow is a big reason why one in every four businesses doesn’t make it past the first year, and why more than half don’t survive past the fifth.   The beginning of the year for any small business can be a tough time for your cash flow as its usually a quieter time after the festive rush. Managing your cash...

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Vehicle Finance Explained – What is the best route?

“If Something you want Appreciates you should own it but if it Depreciates it makes more sense to RENT IT”     Hire purchase   Under HP agreements, there's a deposit to pay followed by fixed monthly payments. The car is owned by the HP company until the final payment – and any 'option to purchase' ownership-transfer fee – has been paid. Up to that point, the person making the payments has no legal right to sell the vehicle.   The credit...

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What are the benefits of being Self Employed?

Being self employed can be daunting at times and leaving the comfort of a regular job can put off a lot of people. Sometimes redundancy or the mundane and unexciting routine of employment pushes you into making that choice. Being self employed offers you the potential lifestyle you’ll never realise as an employee. Listed are some of the benefits we at feel make a positive contribution to improving your life by being self employed.   Control your...

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Self Employed Expenses Guide ‘The Basics’ – PART 2

This is part 2 of the Self Employed Expenses Guide ‘The Basics’. Part 1 can be found here. Mobile Phones You can claim some of your mobile phone costs as a business expense, the tricky bit is what proportion to claim as usually someone who is self employed will use their phone for both personal and business use.   What you should in theory do is go through one or two sample months of bills each year and highlight your...

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Self Employed Expenses Guide ‘The Basics’ – PART 1

  If you are a Bricklayer, Dog Walker, Hairdresser, Taxi Driver you will incur costs as a result of running your business.   MAKE SURE YOU KEEP ACCURATE RECORDS: can help KEEP ACCURATE RECORDS for you. A good record system helps you keep track of your expenses and makes that end of year self assessment so much quicker and easier to do. If you don't keep good records you could receive an instant fine for late filing or...

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