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About Self Employed plus

Essential Organiser / Business Tool

Struggling to find time to do your essential business paper work? Do you wish there was a simple way to do your accounts? Are there HMRC rules that you may have unintentionally misunderstood and breached?


SEplus is a free online tool designed to help you get on top of your business. From organising accounts, sending invoices, managing customers, cost tracking, fee protection, help & advice and much more, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.



Business Tool.

Membership provides you with your own unique account, full 24/7 on-line access and the ability to administer all your business dealings and transactions. With your SEplus account you can create quotes, generate Invoices, record all your business costs & expenses, picture log receipts, keep your mileage allowances updated, record additional Labour when required and much more.


SEplus assists members in preparing their own draft Accounts easily online.  In just a few more clicks our network tools provide each member with the ability to prepare a draft Annual Tax Return

SEplus Digital tools assist in the preparation of your draft Accounts without any additional fees as part of your SEplus Membership.


No expensive professional fees, it just does not get much easier than that.


Should you not be 100% convinced and want piece of mind, then SEplus has secured the services of Annual Return Advisors [ARA]. They can check your drafts for a small fee and return them to you ready for signing and filing with HMRC.

SEplus  For the smart working self-employed.

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Simple & Easy to use.

Anything designed to assist in the running of your business shouldn’t be hard to use. SEplus is simple and intuitive.

Audit Fee Protection

Audit Fee Protection covers your business against professional fees if subjected to investigation, which in many cases involves HMRC.

Picture Receipt

Pic n’ clic all your Receipts/Expenses and Save them to Your Account. No need for those carrier bags full of receipts any more. Just Pic’ n Clic and it they’re done.

Quote & Invoice

First impressions count. You can customise your SEplus account with your business logo and details. You can send customers quotes and Invoices from your phone with attachments which are automatically stored within your account.

Easy Tax Returns

Preparing your annual end of year tax return has been simplified for all our members. With the SEplus Smart tools you have the ability to create your own draft Tax Return from your membership account, saving you time and money

CIS Tracking

If your self employed in the construction industry then you know full well how time consuming CIS Payments and Tracking them can be. SEplus has a CIS provision within its cash accounting program. As a result, CIS can be properly tracked and accounted for annually by those registered for Construction.

Mileage Calculator

Track all your business and private milage with the mileage calculator tool. The tool makes sure you claim the correct amount of allowance which is required for your Annual tax return. SEplus recommends that for the vast majority of self employed sole traders, using the HMRC Mileage allowance is the best way of dealing with your travel mileage.

Expense Tracker

Keeping track of your daily expenses is made simple with the SEplus Pic ‘n Clic tool. Use your smartphone to take a picture of a receipt, petrol, parking, etc, upload it and store it in your account. Pic ‘n Clic the smart way keeping tabs on your daily expenses.


Some contracts/work withhold a retention percentage until the contract/work is all satisfactorily complete. Included within the SEplus cash accounting tool, you can enter and track your retentions allowing swift collection of them upon completion.

Help and advice for the self employed. Improves your cashflow. FREE Online Access 24/7.

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Income & Cost Tracker

Simply enter your cost and expenses into the online Tracker using the SEplus  Clic’ n Pic feature. This allows members to upload pictures of receipts to their Account. The Clic ‘n Pic service is available 24/7 and works with all camera-enabled Smart devices.


No more waiting until the end of the day to catch up with your paperwork. You then have a permanent record of the receipt allocated to the expense in your online Tracker, no more lost receipts!

Cover from Account Investigations

Audit Fee Protection

All self-employed can be subjected to investigations regarding their business accounts which in most cases can involve HMRC. In dealing with these investigations, which can occur at any time, it normally requires professional services which can be expensive and time consuming.


Even if there are no errors in your accounting, the costs in dealing with an investigation can soon mount. Get the peace of mind with Professional Fee Protection with your membership.

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Help & Advice

Members can obtain assistance from the SEplus News Blog which offers and promotes help & advice on topics both current and historic. Keep informed and up to date regarding legislation and requirements which can affect business at any time.


Information is on hand to assist with late or non payment issues, measures to try and ensure that bad debts are minimised and what members can do before going down the expensive legal services route involving Court.

Add to your performance with the benefits and help of being an SEplus member.

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